Biography of Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941)

American novelist, born in Camden (Ohio) in 1876 and died in Colon (Panama) in 1941. He/She belonged to a wealthy family, but he/she did not share the wishes of success in business, so it left his city. After an errant youth was established in Chicago, and from the 40 years was devoted to literature.

Contemporary lost generation, is one of the creators of the American short story. All his literary production, has his own experience as a starting point. It began with three novels: Windy McPherson's son (the son of Windy McPherson), 1916; Marching men (men in March), 1916, and Poor White (poor white), 1920. Later wrote two autobiographical: A Story-Teller's Life (life of a storyteller), 1924, and Tar, A Midwest Childhood (Tar, a childhood in the Midwest), 1926. But his first success was Winesburg, Ohio, 1919, series of stories about a small town that Anderson met in his childhood. Also author of short stories, collected in: The triumph of the egg (the triumph of the egg), 1921; of which stand out The egg (the egg) and I want to know why (I want to know why). The technique and the style in all his work, are clearly influenced by Stein, whom he/she had met in Paris.

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