Biography of Claes Andersson (1937-VVVV)

Poet, playwright, literary critic, musician, psychiatrist and Finnish politician, born in 1937 in Helsinki. Amazing humanist curiosity, supported in its great artistic talent, clear intellectual ability and generous commitment to the service of their fellow citizens, has become one of the leading figures of the social and cultural life of their country in the second half of the 20th century.

PhD in medicine and specialized in Psychiatry, Claes Andersson has also excelled in the field of music, both in his role as interpreter at the piano (has offered several concerts of jazz), and as composer and lyricist (is the author of a libretto for opera). On the other hand, political concerns have led him to be, first, a Deputy in the Parliament of his country (since 1987), then Chairman of his political party, Union of left (since 1990), and, finally, Minister of culture of Finland.

But in the field of literary creation where his name has moved beyond the borders of their nation for a wide international recognition. Author of several dramatic pieces, and numerous studies of literary criticism, Andersson has excelled mainly for the strength and quality of his poetic production, which, in General, can identify with the thematic content and the budgets aesthetic of what in Spain is known as social poetry. Indeed, the commitment that Andersson adopts in his poetry about the socio-political reality that surrounds him allows you to, occasionally, arrive with their verses there where no known reach and political discourse, within a clear desire to approach to the everyday circumstances that surround the life of his compatriots, without avail themselves of unnecessary justifications culturalist. All this exercise clean honest - not only in their literary approaches, but also in its own modus operandi-, joins forces with a constant and effective use of the irony that ultimately manages to combine the purest sense of humor - anchored in some assumption of defeat-with extrapolation of topics and common knowledge: "a frozen person / must not thaw too quickly".

Castilian language, you can see a splendid anthological exhibition of this social poetry of Claes Andersson in the volume entitled what was done in my word (Navarra: Pamiela, 1998), in the Swedish translation into Spanish performed by Francisco J. Uriz (as much of the Finnish intellectual class, Claes Andersson is suecoparlante). In this compilation are collected poems from fifteen poems of Andersson, the first dating back to 1962.