Biography of Keith Andes (1920-2005)

Film actor American born on July 12, 1920 in New Jersey and died by suicide on November 11, 2005 in Los Angeles.

His first steps in the world of the show were as a singer on the radio (possessed a powerful baritone voice) and as an actor in modest theatrical productions in their college years. He/She served in the air out during the second world war, and on his return, took part in the patriotic work of Broadway Winged victory. Daryl F. Zanuck producer was set on it, and wanted to participate in the film version of the work (premiered in Spain as a quotation in the heavens). Shortly after he/she participated in fate of woman, and became a known face in Hollywood.

Holder of an enviable physique and a very photogenic physiognomy, was soon classed as typical of 1950s American cinema Heartthrob, while he/she learned to give his characters, on occasions, an unhealthy and self-destructive vein away from the beauties of a heartthrob to use. The truth is that its moment of greatest glory corresponded with their participation in meetings at night, 1952, together anything less than Marilyn Monroe and directed by Fritz Lang.

In 1953 he/she participated in the pirate Blackbeard, and a year later was directed by Dick Powell in a Split second. He/She combined these roles with appearances as a singer in Broadway shows; He/She went so far as to win a Teathre World Award by The Chocolate Soldier. In 1960, he/she also participated in the only show of the famous Avenue which back the great Lucille Ball, Wildcats; and it reached four hundred representations with the play Man of La Mancha in 1968.

Already in the 1970's appearances on the big screen of Andes were scarce. The most outstanding of all was giving life to general John C. Marshall in Tora, Tora, Tora! Even got to work alongside Pacino in justice for all (1979).

The last years of the life of Andes were engaged in frequent depressive states that led him, to ultimately to suicide, had enough withstand the ravages of a gallbladder cancer.