Biography of Emperador de China Andi o Liu Yu (94-125)

Chinese emperor of the dynasty have Eastern, born in year 1994 with the name of Liu Yu and died in 125, ascended to the imperial throne in the year 106, happening in the same to Shangdi. The reign of Andi was characterized by the progressive weakening of the authority of the Emperor in favor of the clans of consorts and the faction of eunuchs, confronted each other, turn as well as the home of the Chinese fold in Central Asia.

Descendant of Emperor Zhangdi (57-88 A.d.), Andi was elevated to the throne when he/she was only eleven years, circumstance which, together with his weak personality left the tasks of the Government in the hands of the family of his wife, the Empress Yan. The latter was a highly suspicious woman that failing to have children feared losing its privileged position on the Court, so that when the Emperor had offspring with another concubine, named Li, the Empress commanded to kill her (year 115) and replaced the rightful heir by an own candidate, Shaodi. Aside from the intrigues, the time of Andi was certainly accentuated decline of the Han empire, torn by internal rivalries between the various power groups, corrupt practices in the Administration and a wave of natural disasters, aggravated by the lack of proactive measures. However, the most significant fact of this decline was the general withdrawal of the imperial troops in their garrisons in the basin of the Tarim (Central Asia) from the year 107, as well as the Government's inability to keep under its control to the villages on the borders of the Northwest.

Following the death of Andi, the widowed Empress sought to retain their position by proclaiming Shaodi Emperor, who however only stayed on the throne seven months and it is not usually included in list official of monarchs have.