Biography of Dolores Andrade (1954-VVVV)

Ecuadorian sculptor, born in 1954 in Quito. He/She studied in the school of fine arts and the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad Central de Ecuador (Quito). From 1973 to 1976 he/she completed his training at the Hochschule der Künste (Berlin West, Germany). He/She has made solo exhibitions in his country, in Cuba and in Amsterdam (Netherlands), and has participated in several collective exhibitions. Andrade teaches as Professor of art in Quito willow and German schools, and at the Faculty of architecture and design of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Ecuador. Also has developed an extensive activity social projection with the founding of the workshops of "Ceramics of the Centre Cultural of San Sebastián of the Bank of the Ecuador", aimed at adolescent girls and children of the popular districts of Quito, and the "development of the capacity creative workshop", addressed to rural women of the Cayambe area. His work aims to always go back to nature, discovering how born the volumes, leaving that his works "speak" through the clay and Earth. On the other hand, relives the presence of the mythical past in the present, through the spatial management of forms, of the integration of natural and handcrafted loaded cultural elements, as in the case of the spondylus shell, or antique textile elements, which saved them the imprint of history.