Biography of Domingo de Andrade (1639-1712)

Natural architect of Galicia, documented from 1639 until 1712, date in which dies in Santiago de Compostela. He/She was master builder of the Cathedral of Santiago, where it stopped, so that other cities in Galicia, several works. Fortunately retained in power of an individual the original plane of the beautiful and admirable that Cathedral clock tower, and at the foot the signing of this illustrious architect, honour of Spanish art is. This tower is one of the most beautiful copies of Greco-Roman architecture of 16th century Spanish artists have left to us and certainly is not worth forgetting that had it was and has yet, by its slender, its severe appearance, for its beauty, in the end, it is the most commendable. He/She wrote and published a piece entitled: Excellencies, antiquity and nobility of the architecture. Santiago IMP. Frayz 1595 in 4th