Biography of Ignacio Andrade (1836-1925)

Military and Venezuelan politician, son of general José Escolástico Andrade and Juana Troconis, born in Merida in December 1836 and died in Macuto on February 17, 1925.

Between 1883 and 1885 was President of Falcon State and since 1886 this same State Senator. Elected as Governor of the Federal District in October 1892 and Minister of public instruction in March of the following year, he/she was appointed Deputy for the State of Miranda in April 1893, Minister of public works in June of the same year and President of the great state of Miranda between 1894 and 1897.

He was the official candidate of the Government of Crespo to the Presidency of the Republic in the elections on September 1, 1897. In a fraudulent election, Andrade won the victory over the general José Manuel Hernández. On 20 February 1898 he/she assumed the Presidency of the Republic, which lasted until October 19, 1899, when the Restorer revolution ousted him. From February 23 to June 12, 1898 it had to face the hoist general Hernández.

Andrade had to face serious economic problems which ravaged the country, distrust of the political class, the opposition to constitutional reforms that attempted to promulgate and an especially aggressive outbreak of smallpox.

On October 19, 1899 he/she left Caracas heading into exile, in Puerto Rico. On November 19, 1903 amnesty allowed him to return to Venezuela, where he/she collaborated with the Government of Cipriano Castro, as Ambassador in Cuba and as Superintendent of the income of liquor in the Federal District. He/She participated also with the Government of Juan Vicente Gómez, this time as Minister of Foreign Affairs, between 1916 and 1917; and Interior, between 1917 and 1922.