Biography of José Oswald de Souza Andrade (1890-1954)

Poet, prose writer and playwright Brazilian, born in 1890 in Sao Paulo and died in this city in 1954. It is, along with Mário de Andrade, the most important figure of Brazilian modernism. Brazil took the European Vanguards and was one of the main organizers of the week 22.

Stand out in his parody of various texts - including fragments of Chronicles of the literature colonial-, the poem minute, infantilism and an "indianism" backwards. Highlights in the poetic field Poesías Pau Brasil, Primeiro caderno do aluno Oswal of Andrade, and song poetry two songs for flute and guitar; in the narrative memories sentimentais do Joào Miramar, and Serafim Ponte Grande; and, finally, in the theatrical O rei da vela, A morta, and O homen e or cavalo.