Biography of Gustavo Andrade Rivera (1922-1974)

Colombian playwright, born in Neiva (in the Department of Huila) in 1922, and died in Bogotá in 1974. Author of a brilliant and acclaimed dramatic production, focusing mostly on the problematic Colombian Agrarian and violence dominating in rural country, aims to become a firm statement of denunciation of injustice and inequality, is considered to be one of the most prominent Hispanic in the second half social Theatre voices 20th century.

Within these coordinates of rigorous social criticism - but, at the same time, with an exquisite respect for the language of dramatic and theatrical techniques, and without prejudice to any literary brilliance-, the theatrical production's Gustavo Andrade Rivera starred in some of the happiest moments of the Colombian scene during the Decade of the 1960s. Among his most praised works by the critics and the public, which reached a remarkable diffusion in the Colombian cultural media and came in a very direct way to the working classes of the country, it is worth remembering here some titles as notable as the man who sold talent (1959), stories to remove fear (1961), the son of the warlord takes off shirt (1963)Remington 22 (1969), charade of ignorance and intolerance in a city far away and fanatical province that would be this (1965) and farce to not sleep in the Park (1967).