Biography of Lou Andreas-Salomé (1861-1937)

German writer, born in Petersburgo in 1861 and died on February 5, 1937 in Göttingen. Daughter of a Russian general of German origin, Lou Andreas-Salomé moved in 1881 to Zürich to begin their university studies there. In 1882 he/she met in Rome to Friedrich Nietzsche and Paul Reé; in Berlin he/she also met many writers, among them Franz Wedekind, Gerhart Hauptmann, Arthur Schnitzler and Rainer Maria Rilke. From 1911 he/she was part of the Viennese circle of Sigmund Freud and developed during the 1920s a great activity as a psychoanalyst. Thanks to her, Arthur Schnitzler became one of the most important personalities of the culture of the turn of the century.

His work includes a variety of essays, criticisms and articles published in numerous newspapers and magazines literary and scientific, autobiographical writings and prose marked by their personal experiences and, especially, the role of women in society. They include among others: Im Kampf um Gott (fighting for God, 1885), F. Nietzsche in seinen Werken (F. Nietzsche in his works, 1894), Im Zwischenland (ashore in the Middle, 1902), Rodinka (Rodinka, 1923), Lebensruckblick (vital retrospective, 1951), as well as correspondence with Rilke and Freudmaintained.