Biography of Elena Andrés Hernández (1929-VVVV)

Spanish poet, born in Madrid in 1929. Dumped from his youth to the study of humanistic knowledge and the cultivation of poetic creation, along an extensive professional experience has taught Spanish at different institutes of secondary education language and literature.

In his capacity as a writer, it has distinguished itself by the publication of several poetical volumes that have earned him a well-deserved reputation among readers and reviewers, as well as a range of awards and recognitions among which excels a runner-up to the prestigious award "Adonais", in its 1964 Edition, by the collection of poems entitled two roads. Apart from this work, he/she has hinted to press other interesting deliveries lyrical, as the search engine (1959), eternal candle and from here my. Among his recent books of verses, it is worth remembering entitled Trance full wakefulness (Barcelona; Víctor Pozanco, 1980).