Biography of Ursula Andress (1936-VVVV)

Swiss film actress born on March 19, 1936 in Berne (Switzerland).

With just eighteen years he appeared in small roles cast in three Italian low-budget productions. Thanks to Marlon Brando came into contact with Paramount Pictures, but its resistance to learning English thwarted his career in the United States. In 1957, she married actor / director John Derek. The first major role of Ursula Andress was the sensual Honey Rider spy in the British production 007 agent against Dr. No (1962), by Terence Young. This adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel was the first appearance on the big screen of British secret agent James Bond played by Sean Connery. Ursula Andress became known around the world his statuesque physique with a spectacular exit from the sea wearing a white bikini, appearance that became the first and most famous "girl Bond" of history. International fame that promoted his film career in the 1960s. His next film is fun in Acapulco (1963) by Richard Thorpe, starring Elvis Presley musical. In four guys from Texas (1963), Robert Aldrich he shared poster with the rat pack, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

Among his roles protagonists of the first years of his career highlighted his appearance in the production of the Hammer Films British goddess of fire (1965), Robert Day. In 1966 John Derek was divorced after a romance with Jean-Paul Belmondo much-publicized by the press, more interested in his private life than for his uneven career. The massive parody of cinema of spies Casino Royale (1967), directed by John Huston and Val Guest, among others is among his best films. During the 1970s, Andress was dedicated to star in European co-productions of gender that exploit their huge sexy physique. Thanks to his relationship with the young actor Harry Hamlin is mother of his first child in 1980, at the age of forty-four. Since the 1980s he reduced his professional activity and was devoted almost entirely to television. His appearances on the small screen among its intervention in the series "Falcon Crest" (1987-88).


1954: The adventures of Giacomo Casanova; An American in Roma.1955: the chain of the odio.1962: Agent 007 against the doctor No.1963: fun in Acapulco; Four guys from Texas.1965: nightmare in the Sun; The goddess of fire; What such Pussycat?; The tribulations of a Chinese in China; Once Before I Die; The victim number diez.1966: azules.1967 Eagles: Casino Royale; Extraconyugales.1969 problems: the star of the sur.1970: fifty million and a mujer.1971: Sun rojo.1974: the Spy is desnuda.1975: last chance; Due cuori a cappella; The amorous adventures of Scaramouche; Express.1976 Africa: Naked us shamelessly; Safari Express; The nurses; L'affittacamere. 1978: the mountain of the Cannibal God; Double asesinato.1979: hot beds; The fifth mosquetero.1981: titanes.1982 Fury: campaigns rojas.1985: Liberté, Egalité, choucroute.1988: klassazamekunft.1996: Alles gelogen.1997: Cremaster 5.

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