Biography of Blanca Andreu (1959-VVVV)

Spanish writer, born in 1959 in La Coruña. After spending his childhood and youth in Orihuela (Alicante), twenty years left sterile provincial cultural life - as he/she left indicated in the title of his first book of poems - and moved to Madrid, where quickly locked contact with literary circles of influence. He/She met the engineer and novelist Juan Benet, much older than she, with whom he/she was married until he/she died in 1993. He/She subsequently returned to La Coruña, where it resides today.

His passion for the letters, that has led it to collaborate in numerous media, has resulted in five books of poetry that make up a poetic works most highly valued by critics specializing in the study of Spanish poetry of the last quarter of the 20th century. It is not surprising, then, that has received such prestigious awards as the award "Adonais" (1980), the "prize world of poetry mystique Fernando Rielo" (1982) and the "Icarus of literature" (1982). In addition, the quality of his short prose was recognized by the "award of Cuentos Gabriel Miró" (1981). The popularity that reached in the mid-1980s led her to be included in the most representative of the young Spanish poetry anthologies, as well as to see his work translated into French.

Here are the titles comprising up to the time of writing this article (1998), its interesting poetic production: from a girl from the provinces who came to live in a Chagall (Madrid, 1981); Báculo de Babel (Madrid, 1983); Book of the beasts. First physiologist (Madrid, 1848); Captain Elphistone (Madrid, 1988); and the dark dream. (Poetry gathered 1980-1989) (Madrid, 1994).

Their style of worship and complex, oblivious to the colloquialism which seems to be among the Spanish poets of the last batch, is reflected in a discursive and bright, full tone of bold metaphors, that no shuns verse exorbitant proportions and, occasionally, the poem in prose. All this within a channel of experimentalism which brings his poetic work to the poetry of the great minority poets of all time: "Sangro really sangro light that escapes and is in me where the horses gather to start with servants helmets haunches of treasured stone killer vegetation of thyme and the flames of may [...]" (of Báculo de Babel).


BENEGAS, Noni and MUNARRIZ, Jesus. They have the word. Two decades of Spanish poetry. Anthology (Madrid: Hiperión, 1997).