Biography of Esteban Andreu Faussat (1777-1827)

Spanish military of French origin born in Seix (Ariège), April 5, 1777 and died in Manresa (Barcelona), on October 26, 1827.

Shortly after the execution of Luis XVI, left his native country to join the Spanish Bourbon army. Throughout his military career developed in Spain, reaching the rank of Colonel.

He fought in the campaigns of 1793, 1794 and 1795 against the France of the Convention. Later he/she fought in the Balearic Islands against British troops and participated in several actions during the Peninsular War against Napoleonic troops. It was taken prisoner and spent 27 months retained deposits of France, where escaped to join the regiment of Palma, which participated in the site and take deBalaguer (1813).After the French withdrawal he/she acted as Prosecutor in the Commission military Barcelona, loque brought him many enemies among liberals. In August 1819 he/she was appointed Committee of inspection of the regiment of Zaragoza magazine secretarioen, who defended the Balearic Islands (patriotic society Majorcan, 19 may 1820).

Man of aristocratic ideas, avoided swearing the Constitution of 1812tras uprising of irrigation. It was always opposite to the new regime and tried to impede the actions of the elements of the exalted of Malaga Regiment, he/she was commander of the primerbatallon since 1820. His attitude earned him many enemies among the official and the troop. Algunosoficiales raised a petition to the courts so that opened you a file for constitutional alregimen disaffection. Affected by the initiative, it requested its separation from the Regiment, trasladandosea Catalonia.

The illness of his first wife, Paula Fontcuberta, worsened to arrive to Tarragona, dying shortly afterwards in Barcelona. After the funeral, he/she was forced to return to Tarragona, where he/she was framed in the active militia. There he/she continued plotting and managed to release some prisoners realistic that thought joining the absolutist games, but his disrupted planfue. Finally a captain ycinco was able to escape with one of his sons, 15-year Cadet, soldiers. After evading various patrols, they could make contact with the advance of the French troops in the vicinity of Vilafranca. Later, he/she joined the division of the Barón de Eroles, with which he/she fought for two months.October 20 interim main knob light battalion was entrusted No. 8 with which took part in the blockade and surrender of Hostalric. After its purification was appointed Secretary of the magazines of inspection of the 1st and 4th light (1825) and on 24 March 1827 was awarded the rank of Colonel.