Biography of César Andreu Iglesias (1915-1976)

Narrator, essayist, playwright and journalist Puerto Rican, born in Ponce in 1915 and died in San Juan of Puerto Rico in 1976. Worried constantly, both in his literary and journalistic work and his civil acts, for Justice and social equality, he/she left a brilliant legacy form where he/she excels, central and unitary, thematic element an anxious defense of their compatriots belonging to the most disadvantaged social groups.

Unveiled its ideological approaches in numerous articles, usually oriented towards the sub-genre of political journalism, they saw the light between the pages of the mainstream media of the Antillean island. Strong ideological convictions and their sincere commitment to the struggle for social equality - not without a permanent concern for the literary quality of his texts - promoted you to be one of the few writers who supported his famous colleague José Luis González, when, in 1943, became the first Puerto Rican intellectual prestige that made public profession of his ideology of Marxist. In line with these common political concerns, César Andreu Iglesias also worked closely with one of the founders of the movement Pro independence (MPI), the politician Juan Mari Bras, with whom he/she founded the Rotary clarity, one of the most influential newspapers of Puerto Rican of mid-20th century political and cultural life.

As an essayist, writer of Ponce continued defending his ideological postulates in so widespread works as independence and socialism (1951). However, today is remembered mostly for his dedication to the cultivation of narrative fiction, genre that also served to defend vigorously and enthusiasm the rights of the working class and, in general, of all social groups marginalized by the powerful oligarchies of the island. Among his most outstanding novels - that let the journalistic Andreu Iglesias breed in structural approaches close to the full story of life and action, without losing one iota of its specifically narrative values-, it is worth remembering here some titles as notable as a drop of time (1948), the defeated (1956) and collapse (1960).

Although it achieved less renown as a playwright, César Andreu Iglesias also brought their political concerns and their literary travails to the stage of Puerto Rico.