Biography of Jacint Andreu (s. XVII)

Spanish doctor, born in Hostalrich (Gerona) in date unknown, and died in Barcelona, after 1678.

He trained as a doctor at the University of Barcelona. It had an eventful existence and very low-relief during the 16th century, but in the following century came with a Faculty of Medicine of relative importance within the depleted Spanish scene of the time. At the elevation of its scientific level contributed decisively remarkable teaching Andreu developed later, especially during the twenty-four years (1653-1677) he occupied the Chair of premium. He was also a doctor of House of Prince Juan José de Austria, figure in lathe occurred which, to a large extent, the initial phase of the Spanish scientific renewal.

Andreu, however, was not at all a physician of renewing mentality, or either a partially open to innovations, such as Joan d' Alòsgaleista, his main disciple. Even admitting the chemical drug use: "Hopefully this foul epidemic plague of chemicals - says - was banished from all Spain!" However, it devoted not to refute the modern doctrines, as did other intransigent galenistas Spanish. Instead, he focused all his effort on clinical observation from a position entirely similar to which one hundred years earlier had kept the followers of galenism hipocratista. When he is retired professor of premium, he published the first volume of a practice Gotholanorum (1678), in accordance with "the laws of rational medicine" which had been bequeathed to posterity Hippocrates and Galen.

The book begins with a tratadito "De dignotione et praedictione" and later includes a compendium of practical medicine communicable diseases ordered "a capite ad shims". Clinical descriptions are clear, concise and, in large part, based on personal experience. Among them figure that is generally considered as the first detailed exposure of tetanus in the newborns.



Practicae Gotholanorum by morbis humani corporis morbis, descriptae juxta medicinae rationalis leges, quas ligamentum commendatas reliquerunt lucidiora antiquitatis luminaire Hippocrates, Galenus, Tomus primus, Barcelona, f. Cormellas, 1678. It was reissued in Barcelona, V. Suria, 1704.


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