Biography of Carver Dana Andrews (1909-1992)

Film actor American-born Collins (Mississippi) on January 1, 1909 and died on 17 December 1992 in Los Alamitos (California).

One of the thirteen children of a Baptist pastor, studied business administration at Sam Huston State Teachers College in Texas and since 1929 he/she worked as an accountant for the Gulf oil company before their graduation. In 1931 he/she moved to Los Angeles to dedicate itself to the interpretation; There he/she worked in the most various trades, as a driver of bus, collector of oranges or a gas station employee. It became a part of the prestigious Pasadena Community Playhouse and participated in a number of plays during the 1930s while studying singing and interpretation. In 1932 he/she married Janet Murray, with whom he/she remained married until her death in 1935. Four years later he/she married for the second time with the actress Mary Todd, date in which signed a contract with the producer Samuel Goldwyn, who share their services with 20th Century Fox, which began to appear in small roles since 1940. His early films included brief performances in the outsider (1940), William Wyler, and ball of fire (1941), Howard Hawks. One of his first starring roles is that of Dr. Tim in the path of the tobacco (1941), adaptation directed by John Ford from the novel by Erskine Caldwell.

His first important speech came in incident at Ox-Bow (1943), William Wellman, an extraordinary western written by Lamar Trotti and starring Henry Fonda in which he/she played a man falsely accused of murder. Laura (1944), by Otto Preminger, is one of the greatest classics of film noir, among the best of his career and ranked him among the popular faces of the cinema of the time. In it he/she played the tough detective McPherson, obsessed with the memory of a murder victim, starring Gene Tierney. In Ángel or Devil? (1945), also directed by Otto Preminger, played a hustler who is torn between a waitress played by Linda Darnell, a proprietary rich embodied by Alice Faye. Dana Andrews reached the peak of its popularity with its participation in the best years of our lives (1946), William Wyler, extraordinary melodrama awarded nine Oscar on the homecoming of three American soldiers after World War II and the difficulties encountered to reintegrate into civilian life.

From the 1950s the category of his films was below honesty and power of interpretations of Andrews. Among the best of his career were his collaborations with Fritz Lang, who directed him in while the city sleeps (1956) and beyond doubt (1956). In 1963 he/she was elected President of the Screen Actor Guild, the Professional Association of American actors, where he/she served for more than two years. His professional activity was reduced at the end of the 1960s because of his problems with alcohol. For years he/she made public appearances to denounce the attitude of society to the problem of alcoholism. Fully recovered continued its activity as an actor, mostly on television, medium in which achieved great popularity in the early 1970s thanks to the series Bright Promise. Retired almost out of the world of interpretation, was devoted to real estate business that, according to his own words, earned him more money than in his entire career in Hollywood. During his last years he/she suffered Alzheimer's disease and in 1992, died of pneumonia.


1940: Lucky Cisco Kid; Sailor's lady; The stranger; Kit Carson.1941: The path of tobacco; Ball of fire; Swampy waters; Belle Star.1942: Berlin correspondent.1943: sharks of steel; Ox-Bow incident; The North Star; December 7th.1944: towards East; Laura; Wing and a prayer; The Purple Heart.1945: State Fair; Ángel or Devil?; A walk under the sol.1946: generous land; The best years of our vida.1947: Daisy Kenyon; The justiciero.1948: my heart guides you; The iron curtain; No minor vices; Deep Waters.1949: Britannia Mews; Sword in the Desert; My foolish heart.1950: on the brink of danger; Sangre.1951 cloud: Sealed Cargo; I don't want to say goodbye; Struggles submarinas.1952: destination Budapest.1954: the path of the elephants; Three hours to live; Duel in the jungla.1955: the redhead untamed; Face to the muerte.1956: while New York sleeps; Duel of races; Apart from the duda.1957: Spring Reunion; Zero hour thriller; The night of the demonio.1958: The Fearmakers; Enchanted Island.1960: The Crowded Sky.1962: Madison Avenue.1965: first victory; Station 3: top secret; Challenge to the destination; Towards the end of the world?; The battle of the bulge; Town Tamer; Queridos.1966 beings: The Frozen Dead; Berlin, appointment with the espias.1967: Hot Rods to Hell.1968: the devil Brigade; The Cobra; I diamanti che nessuno voleva rubare.1972: from East to West for matar.1974: Airport 75.1975: the path more dura.1976: the last magnate.1978: A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud; The brave wear black; Born Again.1979: The Pilot.1984; Prince Jack.

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