Biography of Harry Andrews (1911-1989)

British film, full name actor Harry Fleetwood Andrews, born on November 10, 1911 in Tonbridge (Kent, England) and died on March 6, 1989 in Sussex (England).


Like much of the British actors, formed in the scenarios the great authors of his country, playing characters that strengthened a career recognized by his contemporaries. In cinema started already began the Decade of the fifties, a period marked by military characters as that outlined in sixty seconds (1953), Terence Young; Operation Robinson (1959) and his best enemy (1961), both of Guy Hamilton; or the night of the generals (1967), Anatole Litvak, films all of a great correction. Harry confirmed with his work the greatness of the side and their effectiveness in films dominated big deals. In this sense he/she took part also in blockbusters as Alejandro Magno (1956), of Robert Rossen; Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (1959), of King Vidor; 55 days at Peking (1963), Nicholas Ray; and Nicolás and Alandra (1971), by Franklin Schaffner.

He had a very prolific career, by what took papers of all kinds in very diverse environments, in good measure marked by action, ranging from the ultimate load (1968), by Tony Richardson, and command in the China Sea (1970), Robert Aldrich, till the man of Mackintosh (1973), by John Huston; The assault of the bird (1976), Douglas Kickox men; or death on the Nile (1978), by John Guillermin.

He took part in numerous productions for television and especially excelled in the title role of Darius Clayhanger, the Clayhanger (1976) series. Then he/she made a small contribution to the series dynasty (1985) and in Inside Story (1988).


1953: Sixty seconds of life; The System. 1954: The Black Knight. 1955: Helen of Troy; The Man Who Loved Redheads. 1956: Alejandro Magno; Moby Dick; Hell in Korea. 1957: Saint Joan. 1958: J'accuse!; Ice-Cold in Alex. 1959: Salomon and the Queen of Sheba; The disciple of the devil; Operation Robinson. 1960: In the Nick. 1961: His best enemy; A Circle of Deception. 1962: Barabbas; Smooth; Reach for Glory. 1963: Nine hours of terror; 55 days at Peking. 1964: 633 Squadron; Tango at the Summit. 1965: The agony and the ecstasy; Kalahari sands; The Truth About Spring; The Hill; The Informers. 1966: I mugging to the English; Modesty Blaise; The System. 1967: Georgina; The night of the generals; Call for the dead; The legend of a brave. 1968: The last charge; Mercenaries without glory; Sentence for a dandy; The Sea Gull; The Night They Raided Minsky completo; Danger Route. 1969: Candida, but not both; The battle of Britain; The Southern Star. 1970: Not all love is beautiful; Command on the China Sea; Wuthering Heights; The Same Skin. 1971: Nicolás and Alejandra; Burke and Hare. 1972: i Want What I Want; The latest forbidden games; The man of la Mancha: the ruling class; Devilish malice. 1973: Kill or not to kill, that is the problem; The Last Days of Man on Earth; The Mackintosh man; Man at the Top. 1974: New trend in crime. 1975: Two Gentle People. 1976: The assault of the bird men; The Blue Bird; The Garth People; The Passover Plot. 1977: Equus; Candleshoe. 1978: The Prince and the pauper; Alarm: catastrophe; Long ears; Private detective; Death on the Nile; Superman. 1979: a Question of Faith. 1980: Hawk the Slayer; Second Star to the Right. 1981: Constance Kent. 1982: The Sound Machine. 1984: Lent. 1986: The Second Stain; Mesmerized.

Works for television:1964: The Crunch. 1969: Destiny of a Spy. 1972: An Affair of Honour. 1974: Valley Forge; The Story of Jacob and Joseph. 1975: Edward VII. 1976: Clayhanger (series). 1977: The Four Feathers. 1979: Tolstoy; S.O.S. Titanic; Such of the Unexpected. 1980: The Curse of King Tut's Tomb; Closing Ranks. 1982: The Seven Dials Mystery; A.J. Wentworth (series). 1986: All Passion Spent; The Return of Shelock Holmes (series). 1987: Cause célèbre. 1988: Jack the Ripper; Inside Story (series).