Biography of Luis María Andriani y Escoffett (1773-1856)

Military Spanish Barcelona-born 24 September 1773 and died in 1856, in unknown location.

Son of brigadier Felipe Andriani, studied at the Seminary of Nobles, joined the army and attended the defense of Ceuta in 1790.Durante the war of independence was Deputy Chief of staff of the Army Corps of Catalonia, Tarragona, in 1811, appointed Governor of San Fernando of Sagunto in August of 1811.rechazo first French attempts at occupation of the square, by what was promoted to brigadier in September 28, 1811; but on October 26 had to deliver the plaza, leaving prisoner. Brought to France, not summary returned to 1814.publico immediately manifest for the defence of the retrincheramiento not completed in 1811, known as Castle of San Fernando de Sagunto made its Governor Andriani (Madrid, 1815).

Colonel of the regiment infantry from Leon, 23 line, between 1819 and 1823. On March 1, 1820, garrison in Alicante, opposed the proclamation of the Constitution, so when you get the order to swear it was deposed; but 48 hours was reinstated by the troop requirements. Past the enemy in 1823, he/she was appointed as a Royal Commissioner to the body of the French army that he/she sent Molitor.

Quarterback in 1835, second out of the captaincy general of Madrid. He/She returned to defend his performance in Sagunto in memory on the defense of Sagunto in 1811, by general Andriani in refutation of a passage in the history of the war of independence of Spain, who gave birth in 1835 to 1837 the Ecmo. Mr. Conde de Toreno (Madrid, 1838) and supporting the defense of Sagunto in 1811 memory (Madrid, 1838), different from the previous. It accused Toreno's have walked with precipitation in accountability before Suchet, claim that maintained in the subsequent rectifications of Andriani editions of his book. María Cristina, however, gave it in 1840 the great cross of San Fernando. In 1855 he/she received the pensionada cross of San Hermenegildo.


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