Biography of Ivo Andric (1892-1975)

Bosnian writer in Serbo-Croatian language. He/She was born in Dolac, Travnik, and died in Belgrade. For three years (1915-18) he/she suffered jail by their Serb nationalist demands and there wrote a book of lyrical meditations: Ex ponto, 1919. When he/she left prison, he/she worked as a diplomatic career, he/she was in Rome, Bucharest, Madrid, Geneva and Berlin, until the beginning of the second world war. In 1961 he/she was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. He/She is the author of the following works: Tales, 1924-31-36; New short stories, 1948; Faces, 1960; Miss; The Chronicles of Travnik; A bridge over the Drina, published in 1945. The last novel is dedicated to his native Bosnia. Other works are: on the cliffs of Pocitelj, 1976; Lonely House, 1976; History and legend, 1977; The artist and his work, 1977.