Biography of Gonzalo Anes y Álvarez de Castrillón (1931-2014)

Economist and Spanish historian, Professor of history and economic institutions at the Faculty of economic sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, born in Trelles (Asturias) on December 10, 1931 and died in Madrid on March 31, 2014. It belonged to the Board of Trustees of of the Prado Museum, of which he/she was President, also was Director of the Bank of Spain in 1983, and national history award in 1995 for his book the century of the lights. In December 1998, was elected new director of the Academy of history, institution which he/she joined in 1980.


Gonzalo Anes. Photo:

Ended the career of economic sciences at the University of Madrid, he/she gained his doctorate in 1966 with the thesis "The agrarian crisis of the modern Spain". Dedicated to teaching, was Professor of course at the Faculty of political science and Economics from Madrid. In 1967 he/she won by opposition the Chair of world economic history with Spain, of the University of Santiago de Compostela, and a year later returned to opositar to Professor of economic history at the Faculty of political science and Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid, where he/she teaches since then, but now as a Professor of history and economic institutions in the Faculty of economic sciences and business.

During the 1975-1976 was a member of The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (United States). He/She entered the Royal Academy of history in June 1978, which occupied the vacancy left by Francisco Cantera, and which is academic number from December 1980, date in which read his speech on the Asturian manors.

Besides his activity as a University Professor, performs an important role as a researcher of economic history. Its beginnings in this area date back to 1969 and took place at the national archives in Paris, following the guidelines of Nicolás Sánchez Albornoz, since both attended the seminars of professors Pierre Vilar and Fernand Braudel. He/She was also as master in this field Luis Valdeavellano García.

In September 1983, he/she was appointed Director of the Bank of Spain by then Minister of economy Miguel Boyer; It ceased in this position in October 1986. A few days later, that same month, he/she was again elected Director of the Bank of Spain.

In the summer of 1985, by Royal Decree, Royal patronage of the of the Prado Museum went to become an independent body. October 31 Anes joined as member of the Board of Trustees of the Spanish art gallery, which happened to be in his new career, chaired by Justino de Azcárate. Two years later, in 1987, he/she replaced Azcárate in that office, and in 1990 José Ángel Sánchez Asiaín held his position. Between 1987 and January 1988 was curator of the exhibition "Hispanic coins of the 16th century", organized by the Bank of Spain on the occasion of the V centenary of the discovery of America.

In 1988 he/she was one of the founding members of the center of studies of foreign policy, private foundation that aims to analyze the options of Spanish foreign policy and which also includes, among others, Areilza, Miguel Herrero, Luis Larroque, Darío Valcárcel, Luis Solana, Eduardo Serra, etc.

From June 2011 is embroiled in controversy because of his statements about the role of the woman as an historian, and recognizing women missing in the Academy, added: "there are some very prepared but less than men...". Because of their statements, several groups have asked for his resignation as President of the Royal Academy of history.


Are fruit of their research papers appeared in several magazines of a specialized nature, as well as his books, which include: the crisis of the seventeenth century: agricultural production, prices and income in land of Segovia (1965); Economy and illustration (1969); The agrarian crisis in modern Spain (1970); The old regime: the Bourbons (1975); History of Asturias - Volume 7 - (1980); The Spanish economy at the end of the old regime (1982); Madrid supply during the first half of the 19th century (1982); Economic history and social thought (1983); Purposes in the Spain of the eighteenth century; Economy and society in the Asturias of the ancien régime".

In May 1982 was invested doctor "honoris causa" by the University of Oviedo. He/She is also member of the Spanish Association of historical sciences, the International Association of economic history and the International Association of historical demography. Also, is Vice President of the Cultural Foundation "Duques de Soria", created in 1989 to promote Hispanic studies and collaborate with institutions that disseminate the Spanish. He/She was, until January 17, 1991, Member of the Board of Directors of the State-owned company "Expo 92".

Then came the national history award, in 1995, for his book lights - the best manual on the 18th century Spanish - and the appointment as director of the Academy of history, on 28 December 1998, in replacement of Antonio Rumeu of weapons. In 2001 he/she was re-elected unanimously to the post for a further period of three years. Again, in 2004, he/she returned to be reelected unanimously. The economy King Jaime I award received in 2009.