Biography of Higinio Anglés (1888-1969)

Musicologist and Spanish priest, born in Maspujols (Tarragona) in 1888 and died in Rome in 1969. He/She studied music in Barcelona with Cogul, of Gibert, Barbera and Pedrell; in Germany with W. Gurlitt in Freiburg and Fr. Ludwig in Göttingen and Munich.

Ordained a priest in 1912, devoted his life to the apostolate, research and teaching, as well as to discover, promote and safeguard the values of sacred music. Important figure of the International Musicology by the seriousness and competence of their work, was collaborating in magazines, publications and encyclopedias and member of various associations and academies. He/She organized and chaired conferences of sacred music and musicology.In 1917 he/she was in charge of the Department of music of the Central Library of Catalonia. Later, in 1927, was Professor of history of music at the Liceo in Barcelona and at the University of this city. He/She served as director of the Spanish Institute of musicology from 1943, year of its creation. In 1947 was President of the Instituto Pontificio de Música Sacra Roma.Sus major works like historian and Transcriber have been published by the Central Library of Barcelona, these include the Codex Musical de las Huelgas (1931), and the music in the Cantigas de Santa María del Rey Don Alfonso the wise (1943-58-64).