Biography of Eduardo Anguita (1914-1992)

Chilean writer born in Santiago in 1914 and died in 1992. It was part of the literary group gathered around Vicente Huidobro. In 1935, when he/she was 20 years, surprised the national literary field with the publication of an anthology of new Chilean poetry, who performed alongside Volodia Teitelboim. In this selection together voices as prominent as those of Pablo de Rokha, Vicente Huidobro, Pablo Neruda and Rosamel del Valle. He/She said Ignacio Valente who was a figure in the panorama of Chilean poetry of this century, "to unite verbal, creative imagination and intellectual passion with intensity and consistency, the librevida of the imagination with the nakedness of philosophizing and the teologar".

His collaborations were extended to numerous magazines and newspapers, such as La Nación, El Mercurio, Ercilla, Athena, etc. In 1981 he/she obtained the María Luisa Bombal literary award and the 1988 was awarded with the national prize for literature.

He is the author of the poetry books transit at the end (1934), Anguita, five poems (1951), the polyhedron and the Sea (1962), Venus in the placement (1967) and whole poetry (1971); also should any collection of short stories, entitled insecurity of man (1950), the essay Rimbaud as sinner (1963) and the collection of articles entitled the beauty of thought (1988).

R. salinas / A. Harambour