Biography of Julio Anguita González (1941-VVVV)

Spanish politician, born on 21 November 1941 in Fuengirola (Málaga). He/She studied teaching and worked for two years at a National College of the Cordoba town of Montilla. Later he/she enrolled in the University of Seville, where he/she made the common courses of history's career, and subsequently moved to Barcelona to study specialized in modern and contemporary history.

He began his political activity in various clandestine groups until in 1972 he/she joined the Communist Party of Spain. It was ranked fourth in the bid submitted by the PCE Congress Córdoba in the first general election of 1979. On May 23, 1982 he/she got the Act of Deputy of the Parliament of Andalusia by the candidacy of the SGP by Cordoba. In 1984 he/she was elected candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía for the Central Committee of the Communist Party, for the autonomic elections of June 1986.

In May 1986 Izquierda Unida and Anguita is one of its main promoters; integrates from the outset in the directive dome. On February 21, 1988 he/she was elected general Secretary of the PCE, backed by the majority of the members of the delegations of Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia.

In May 1992, it takes place the III Assembly of Izquierda Unida in which Anguita was elected general coordinator. The confrontation between the ruling and the renovator, who defended the conversion of IU in political party and the possibility of pacts with the PSOE was evidenced in this House. On April 25, 1993 he/she was appointed candidate to the Presidency of the Government by IU and number one on the list presented to Congress by Madrid in the general election of June 6, 1993.

During the course of the election campaign of 1993 in Barcelona suffered an acute myocardial infarction, caused by fatigue from his busy electoral schedule, and that prevented him from moving to Córdoba to exercise their right to vote. He/She was elected Deputy for Madrid, with the IU-IC group.

In the Federal Assembly IV of Izquierda Unida, held in Madrid in December 1994, he/she was re-elected unanimously as General Coordinator of IU. On December 10, 1995 was re-elected general Secretary of the PCE unanimously, position he/she occupied until December 1998, that left the party's Secretary. He/She succeeded him as Francisco Frutos.

His succession as General Coordinator of the political formation faced three candidates during the sixth Federal Assembly held in Madrid in October 2000: Francisco Frutos, leader of the PCE, Gaspar Llamazares, candidate backed by the own Anguita, and Angeles Maestro, representative of the critical sector. The vote of the political Council of the Coalition is finally opted for the medical and Deputy Spaniard Gaspar Llamazares, who was elected new leader of IU.

After twenty years of political activity, Anguita Blas Infante de Córdoba, the city where he/she was Mayor returned to his teaching at the end of 2000 as Professor of history and language at the Institute of secondary education. Age 60 years and retired from the teaching profession, chose to return to the political arena, according to your comment, "encourage ideological debate and disseminate the ideas of the left". With this objective, he/she joined the IU Foundation and launched in Cordoba the Working Group Prometheus, elaborate opinion pieces on topics of socio-political debate.