Biography of Diego Angulo Iñiguez (1901-1986)

Historian and University Professor, born in Valverde del Camino (Huelva) in 1901 and died in Seville on October 5, 1986.

As a child lived in Seville, where he/she began the career of law, who left to study philosophy and letters, branch history, which earned a doctorate in Madrid. Later he/she expanded his studies of art at the University of Madrid.

Linked to the Prado Museum since 1922, in which formed part of the Cataloguer of its works Committee, while preparing the Chair of art history, he/she was from 1941 to 1946, conservative Deputy to the address, and from the same 1941, Member of the Board of Trustees. In 1963 he/she became Vice President of the Board of Trustees and years later, in 1968, he/she was appointed director of the Museum, who abandoned in 1970.

He entered the Royal Academy of history in November 1942 and in 1956 at the Royal Academy of San Fernando. In November 1976 he/she was elected director of the Royal Academy of history, position that was left vacant by the death of Jesús Pabón and Urbina Suárez.

Apart from the above activities, in 1940 he/she was appointed Secretary in the Institute Diego Velázquez of the Council of scientific research (CSIC), of which he/she was later director. He/She was also a member of the Committee of Directors of Office International of the Institute of archaeology and history of art of the society of Nations and of the Organizing Committee of International Congress of art history. He/She also belonged to the Board of assessment of works of art and the Central Institute for the conservation and restoration of works of art.

Internationally recognized, he/she gave numerous lectures in several universities in Europe, United States and Canada. Fruit of his research work are the numerous papers published in Spanish and foreign journals, and their monographs. Note: the gold in Seville (1925), sculpture in Andalusia (1927), Bautista Antonelli. The American fortifications of century XVI (1942), history of the Arte Hispanoamericano (1945-50), in collaboration with E. framework and M. Buschiazo, Velázquez (1960), forty Spanish drawings (1966) and Richard Ford in Seville (1963), in collaboration with B. Ford. His latest work, Murillo, his life, his work, his art, published in 1979, was awarded Elie Faure of the Picturologie Institut in Paris in 1982.