Biography of Diego Euclides de Angulo y Lemos (1841-1917)

Colombian statesman and conservative politician. He/She was born on November 12, 1841 in Popayán (Cauca) and died on February 14, 1917 in Funza (Cundinamarca). He/She lived for a long time in the Ecuador by holding the Presidency to José María Plácido Caamaño. He/She then moved to the city of Pasto, where he/she held several public positions. Once installed in the city of Santafé de Bogotá, Euclid set up a printing press and founded and held during the years 1901-03 the conservative newspaper El Colombiano. He/She held various public offices, as the Minister of finance and Treasury (1908), representative in the House, and Senator. Between April 14 and may 20, 1908, he/she held the Presidency of the Republic from which defended the Conservative cause. He/She was living the wars of 1860 - initiated by liberalism against Mariano Ospina Rodríguez - and 1876 - declared by the conservatism of President Aquileo Parra-.