Biography of Ankhenesneferibre (ca. 590 a.C.)

(Ankh-ns-nfr-ib-Ra) Daughter of Pharaoh Psammético II of the twenty-sixth dynasty, and Queen Takhauat. It was adopted by the "divine wife" Amon Nitocris I, daughter of Psammético I, in the brotherhood of women of Thebes, and was also chosen as the future wife divine. The position of Princess prophetess of Amon transmitted to turn a Nitocris II, daughter of the Pharaoh Amasis, when this became the heiress of the clerical office. Ankhenesneferibre was enthroned in 584 BC and his reign highlighted by its construction activities at Thebes. Many of his biographical data are known thanks to a trail, existing today in the Museum of Cairo. Ankhenesneferibre, whose Funeral Chapel was located at Medinet Habu, it possesses a magnificent sarcophagus which is preserved in the British Museum.