Biography of Xoan Anleo (1960-VVVV)

Painter, sculptor and ceramist Spanish, born in 1960 in Marín (Pontevedra). It received initial training of ceramists in the Massana School of Barcelona. In 1984 he/she expanded his training at the school of decorative arts in Geneva. Although it did not abandon its activity of Potter, began opting for a conceptual artistic proposal that is embodied by the painting and sculpture. A recurring element in his work is the circle, paradigmatic and original symbol which brings him to what he/she considered its preferential activity, Potter. In his paintings, his reflection is approaching the approaches of Land art, which approaches the idea of the countryside as a medium and artistic expression, so his sculptures acquire increasingly a dimension of facilities.


PICAZO, G. catalog exhibition Xoan Anleo: white on white. Town Hall of Gijón, Gijón, 1991.