Biography of Kofi Annan (1938-VVVV)

Ghanaian, born in Ghana in 1938, politician who took office as the UN Secretary general instead of the Egyptian Butros Ghali at the beginning of January 1997. He/She initially studied at the University in your country science and technology. Later he/she travelled to United States to complete his training where he/she studied economy in Minnesota through a grant which was awarded the Ford Foundation. From there he/she went to Geneva, to the Institute of international studies, and began working in the World Health Organization.

For six years (1965-1971) and later formed part of the African Economic Commission to later return to the United States where he/she completed his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, where he/she studied business administration. At the end of his preparation he/she returned to Ghana, where was in charge of promoting tourism in his country until 1976 he/she was hired by the United Nations (UN). In this organism was gradually rising category up to the top job of the Organization: Secretary general of the UN, which replaced the Egyptian Butros Ghali.

Long international career, Kofi Annan, who speaks English and French, is an expert in developing countries. He/She has held positions in addition to in his country, Ethiopia and Egypt, included a period in of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees. He/She is married to a Swedish painter, niece of the missing diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, with whom he/she has three children.

In 1999 he/she received in Madrid the award special of the Club international press (CIP) "for his positive efforts to revitalize the United Nations", and in 2001 his work at the forefront of United Nations was recognized with the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.