Biography of Ernest Ansermet (1883-1969)

Swiss Orchestra conductor; He/She was born in Vevey on 11 November 1883 and died in Geneva on February 20, 1969. Family loving music, passing through various instruments, beginning with the violin and the clarinet and ending for your interest at least the rudiments of all instruments that make up a band. This heading you almost directly to the address, as well as the composition, to which Ansermet has been sporadic and little interested, almost always for training wind.

At the time, who studies music, following University studies in mathematics and obtained his degree in Lausanne in 1903. After teaching hata 1906, he/she decides to further studies at the Paris Sorbonne, that led him to enroll at the Paris Conservatory. In this way, his dedication to both disciplines is maintained until, returning to Switzerland and after teaching mathematics during a course, it can by opposition square director of the Orchestra of the Kursaal de Montreux, which will happen in a short time to the concert in Geneva. They are the years of their friendship with Stravinsky, Ramuz and, above all, the Russian choreographer Diaghilev, who invited him to conduct the Orchestra of his ballets Russes. The debut will be made in 1915 and happy collaboration with such a prestigious group leads to an extensive tour of the United States, fleeing Europe in war. In this way, will the United States and the neutral Switzerland countries that increase Ansermet international fame as a director of a group that leads to direct the premieres of works of the caliber of the history of the soldier (1918), the song of the Nightingale and Pulcinella (1920), Renard (1922) and weddings (1923) of his friend Stravinsky, as well as numerous works of the great composers of the time (Eric Satie's ParadeChout of Sergei Prokofiev and the hat of three peaks of Manuel de Falla, among others).Established in Switzerland, he/she combines his work in the French sector of his country with the creation and management of the Argentina National Orchestra, who will lead ten years living in Switzerland winters and summers in Argentina. At the same time, embarks on a career as a guest conductor, which takes him all over the world. Ten years after, Ansermet renounces his international career to focus on the creation of a musical tradition in his country. In this way, will be the promoter, founder and maintainer of the Orchestra of the Suisse Romand, which collaborate in concerts and recordings throughout his life. In this work of promotion of music in Switzerland and the Swiss music, will be important Ansermet defender of composers of his country as Arthur Honegger and Frank Martin, who has premiered numerous works (thus victorious Horacio, Rugby and singing of joy of Honegger In Terra Pax, the mystery of the Nativity, the tempest or the Porceaugnac Lord of the second)being also the dedicatee of the Pacific 231 and the first four elements of the second, although his commitment to the music of our century has expanded into her baton to scores of authors such as Britten, he/she directed the first performances of the rape of Lucretia and the Cantata Misericordium.