Biography of George Anson (1697-1762)

British Admiral, born in 1697. He/She completed the circumnavigation of the world between 1740-1744. Harassed the Spanish colonies in South America and fostered resistance against Spain in Peru and Chile. He/She captured the Galleon that was the route from Acapulco to Manila, getting a bounty of 500,000 pounds of gold bullion. He/She recounted his exploits in A voyage to the south seas and to many other parts of the world, performed from september 1740 to 1744 june... (London, 1745); first French translation, Voyage autour du Monde... (Amsterdam et Leipzig, 1749). This book contained a recommendation to England colonizara, to the South of the Atlantic, the Falkland Islands, which according to him were the strategic key to the Pacific. He/She was promoted to Rear Admiral in 1744 and defeat the French fleet in cabo de Finisterre, a title of nobility in 1747. Full Admiral in 1761. He/She died in 1762.


Voyage round the world made in the years from 1740 to the 1744. (Translated into Spanish by Lorenzo of Alemany-Madrid, 1833).