Biography of Manuel Antín (1926-VVVV)

Director of Argentine cinema, born in Las Palmas, in the province of El Chaco, on February 27, 1926.


Very early he devoted himself to the literary world, where he attained a solid reputation as a poet and playwright. This creative trend would mark his film career, which filmed stories written by authors as Julio Cortázar, Augusto Roa Bastos, Ricardo Güiraldes and Beatriz Guido, among others.

Arrival to the world of the film occurred in one of the most creatively restless moments of the production in argentina. There were wishes to change the old molds and structures that, as he understood it, evolved simply out of touch with reality itself and surrounding. The innovative air arriving from Europe and American independent and marginal cinema, were beginning to make a dent in the work of contemporaries such as Lautaro Murúa and Simón Feldman and others.

Manuel Antín is supported in the literature to give a visual touch exquisite and aesthetic, while on other occasions his images contained conceptual approaches that refer to loneliness, distance, cold gaze or spaces without a soul; very enclosed plastic arguments in itself, that led, ultimately, to his work was praised by a few and ignored by the vast majority.

His first films were framed in this line of work - which for many is identified with Michelangelo Antonioni or Alain Resnais--while, and perhaps motivated by the apathy widespread towards his work, at the end of his career is tipped by most social issues.

In any case, only his fellow generation name whenever he speaks of the "new Argentine cinema", and his work proved to be too personal and discussed.

He was appointed director of the National Institute of cinematography in 1984, time in which Argentine cinema began to receive the necessary institutional support so that lived some of its most interesting moments both nationally and internationally.


Short films:

1958: BIOS.

Feature films:

1961: The odd number 1962: the venerable all 1963: Circe 1964: privacy of parks 1965: psyche and sex (episode: "The star of the desert") 1966: punish the traitor 1969: Don second shadow 1971: Juan Manuel de Rosas 1973: the Pan by the handle 1978: beyond far and long 1982: invitation