Biography of King of Siria Antíoco XII Dionisio (¿-84 a.C.)

King of Syria born on date and location unknown, and died in the year 84 BC in struggle against the Nabataeans.

He was the youngest of the five sons of Antiochus VIII tap, which fought each other for the throne on the death of his father in 95 BC. Seleucus VI Epiphanes, Demetrio Filopátor III and Antiochus XI Epiphanes took place in it. In 87 BC Antíoco XII replaced the last of his brothers who preceded him, Philip I Philadelphus, being crowned in Damascus. Another of them, Demetrio III, had been previously dethroned and delivered by the own Philip Arsaces IX Mithridates II, King of the Parthians. Antiochus XII could not address its rescue because he/she had to fight the Nabataeans, who lobbied for the South. In one of these campaigns, in 84 BC, died fighting. Almost immediately Syria fell into the hands of King Tigranes IIof Armenia. Although in 69 B.c. the Seleucids, Filipo II (son of Filipo I and thus nephew of Antíoco XII) and Antíoco XIII (son of Antíoco X) could regain the throne, they would lose it definitively with the arrival of the Romans in Pompey not much later, in 64 BC In this way, Antíoco XII was one of the last Hellenistic Kings of Syria.

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