Biography of Guillermo Antolín (1873-?)

Historian, bibliographer and Spanish writer; born in Paredes de Nava Palencia population in the year 1873. He/She joined the order of san Agustín in Valladolid in 1888, he/she then moved to Grapevine to study theology. He/She devoted himself fully to historical research, emphasizing soon by its clarity of judgment, and from 1903 delivered a passionate work as Librarian of the Royal Monastery of El Escorial. He/She was an exceptional, unraveling documentarian and cracker codexes and manuscripts, and intelligent Organizer. He/She was one of the most important bibliografos of Spain.

He studied and deciphered a number of codices, interest: Codex Regularum of the fourth century; unknown booklets of St. Jerome; Studies of Visigoths codices; Latin codices catalogue of the library of the Escorial... Menéndez y Pelayo called Antolin as monument of bibliographic science work. The press of the time called "honors and Spanish prez of modern science".