Biography of Antonello de Messina (1430-1479)

Italian, born in Messina in 1430 painter, place that receives its nickname. It was 1450 is located in Naples, forming at Colantonioworkshop, contact an atmosphere open to experience Flamenco from Spain and Provence. His first works, the Crucifixion and the Madonna Salting, reveal a new spatial solidity in Neapolitan circles, product of his early interest in the art of central Italy.

The Condottiero. Antonello da Messina. Louvre. Paris.

The synthesis that shows the influence of Flemish painting and Italian experiences, has been interpreted by critics as the result of a trip to Rome, where it would come into contact with Fra Angélico and Piero della Francesca. After 1460, i.e. after his supposed trip, make tables of St. Jerome penitent and Abraham visited by angels, as well as Salvador Mundi, and Saint Jerome in his study, works that until recently had considered youth.1470 was moved to Venice, where he met Giovanni Bellini, and performs works such as the Polyptych of San Gregorio, splendid synthesis of Piero de la Francesca and the sense of Venetian color style. Announcing the Acreide Palace maintains these characteristics, which joins the taste for the representation of qualities, of Flemish painting. In 1474, still in Venice, performs works as transcendent as the altarpiece of San Cassiano, San Sebastián and the Crucifixion, in which the bright splendor and the chromatic softness is typical of Giovanni Bellini. In this same period are some of his best portraits like the condottiere or a self-portrait, which shows a deep psychological penetration.In 1476, he returned to Sicily where paints the Virgin Anunciata, Museum of Palermo, certainly one of his best works.Elaborate synthesis that makes da Messina between Flemish painting, Italian experiences of the Quattrocento and the color vision and the light of Venetian painting, is difficult to find in other painters of the time.


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