Biography of Dinastía de los. Antoninos (???)

Roman imperial dynasty that reigned over the years of maximum splendor of the Empire (from 96 BC to 192 ad). Its members were elevated to the throne by adoption of the former reigning Emperor, depending on their own merits. Almost all labored in an intense romanization of the provinces and served as a model, referred to as moral and political values. It was founded by:

- Cocceius Nerva (Narni, 26-Rome, 98), Emperor from 96 to 98, who was followed by: - Marco Ulpio, Trajan (98-117) - Adriano, Publio Elio(117-138) - Antoninus Pius(138-161) - Aurelio Vero, Lucio. Emperor of Rome(161-169) - Marcus Aurelius (161-180). With the son of the latter,-Commodo (180-192), which was, on the other hand, a bad work of Government and distinguished himself by his cruelty, with the dynasty was closed.

History of the Roman Empire.