Biography of Edgar J. Anzola (1894-1981)

Journalist, photographer, comedian and precursor of cinema and national radio. He/She was born in Villa de Cura, Aragua State, on March 27, 1894 and died in Caracas on December 14, 1981.

At age 16 he/she travelled to the United States, where he/she studied automotive mechanics and comes in contact with the car brand Ford. In 1911, he/she returned to Venezuela carrying the first Ford of the country and is dedicated to the sale of cars of this firm.

In 1913 participated in the filming of the first silent feature film of Venezuela the Cayenas Lady. In 1924, with Jacobo Capriles made films: the climber and love, you're life. Also devoted to the filming of documentaries, such as: the visit of general Pershing, travel to Rivera and Panaquire Dyke, among others.

Founded in Caracas radio station radio Broadcasting Caracas, and airs for the first time on December 11, 1930. This station later became Radio Caracas. In 1932, after a return from a trip to the United States, was Deputy Manager of the R.C.A. Victor and speaker of some programs.

In national laboratories, he/she participated in the first film in color and sound experiments. He/She later made a film about the Venezuelan painter Armando Reverón.


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