Biography of King of Mari Apil-kin (ca. 2126-2091 a.C.)

(A-pil-kin) King of Mari (Tell Hariri, in Syria), where he/she acted as shakanakku (Governor) on the death of his predecessor Ishkum-Addu. He/She was a contemporary of Ur-Nammu, the founder of the 3rd dynasty of Ur, who became parent to give to his daughter Taram-Uram as wife. A plate of bronze, in Akkadian makes constructor of the shakhurum of Ninkhursag, that is, of a local temple of this deity. In some Apil-kin registration appoints itself as the 'great', competing in importance with Kings of Akkad, Qutum, Uruk and Ur. Some historians identify him with Khabil-kin, the tenth third King of the dynasty Qutu. His successor at Mari was Iddin - the.