Biography of King of Karana y Qattara Aqba-Khammu (ca. 1780 a.C.)

(Aq-ba-kha-mu) King of Karana and Qattara (today Tell al - Rimah, not far from Mosul, in Iraq), small Kingdom of the paleobabyllonican era. In the archives of this enclave has released different documentation of some of their kings, among them Aqba-Khammu, which ended up being a vassal of Hammurabi of Babylon. Thanks to these documents referred to the name of some servants of this King of Karana, as well as that of his wife, called Iltani, who was daughter of the also King of Karana and Qattara Samu-Addu. Tell Atshana (Syria) the cilindro-sello of a servant of Aqba-Khammu, called Qarradu found at the beginning of the century.