Biography of Hubert Aquin (1929-1977)

Novelist, journalist and playwright Canadian French, born in Montreal, Canada, in 1929 and died in 1977.

Degree in philosophy from the Université de Montréal, he/she studied in Paris of a political nature. Back to his country, worked six years on Radio Canada, first as a radio scriptwriter and subsequently as an animator in the television and film director. It was militant in the pro-independence groups, whose members defended the separation of Quebec from Canada, and in 1964 he/she was imprisoned for several months for illegal possession of weapons. He/She held management positions in several publishing and magazines, among which figure la Liberté, which came out in 1971 for political reasons. He/She committed suicide in 1977.

In 1969 he/she was awarded the prize of the Gouverneur Général, which did not accept. In addition, he/she obtained the prize of the Province of Quebec (1970), David (1972), La Presse (1974) and the Grand Prix Littéraire of the Ville de Montréal (1975).

His work stands out for the originality and quality of writing. He/She expressed with great clarity the need for a total change and the establishment of a new order, granting to writing the message that I can not find weapons. During his stay in prison wrote the novel Prochain (next episode) episode; follow you Trou de mémoire (lapse of memory, 1968), L'antiphonaire (the antiphonary, 1969) and Neige noire (black snow, 1974).

In addition, he/she wrote plays, which were transmitted by radio, and an autobiography titled Point de fuite (vanishing, 1971 point).