Biography of Benigno Simeón Aquino (1932-1983)

Philippine politician, born in Concepcion (Tarlac) on November 27, 1932 and died in Manila on August 21, 1983.

Descendant of a family devoted to political life, at the age of 22 was one of the advisers of the Cabinet of the President Magsaysay. At that same age, he/she was elected Mayor of his hometown, Concepción. Three years later, when he/she was 25 years, was Lieutenant Governor of the province of Tarlac, and 28, Governor.

In 1967, youngest in the history of the Philippines became Senator. In 1969 he/she was elected Secretary general of the Liberal Party. 1973 showed as the stronger candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, but a few days before the elections, President Ferdinand Marcos proclaimed martial law and arrested Aquino, who remained in prison seven years and seven months under charges of murder, subversion and illegal possession of firearms. In 1977 he/she was sentenced to death, although the President commuted the penalty soon after.

In 1980 it was released so that he/she could undergo a heart procedure in United States. The following three years he/she spent in exile and devoted himself to teaching at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology. On August 21, 1983, upon his return to Manila, he/she was killed at descend the aircraft.

Ten days after his murder there was mass burial. About two million people accompanied the corpse from the Church of Santo Domingo to the Manila cemetery, located twenty-five miles.

A Commission of inquiry, chaired by his wife, Heart Aquinowas created to solve her murder. In October 1984, the Chairman of the Committee declared responsible for the murder of Aquino to the custodian general, former Chief of airport security, and six soldiers. The other four members of the Court also inculparon the head of high State major, general Fabián see, that was removed from his post. In February of 1985 opened a trial against twenty-five soldiers and a civilian. Among the military was, besides Luther Custodio and Fabián seeing, the former head of the metropolitan police, general prosperous olives.

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