Biography of King of Ugarit Ar-Khalba (ca. 1335-1330 a.C.)

(Ar-kha-el-la-bu) King of Ugarit (Ras Shamra), eldest son and successor of Niqmadu II. AR-Khalba was contemporary of the Hittite King Mursilis II, who had to endure the revolt of much of Syria, whose cities, among them Ugarit, counted with the support of Egyptian troops (glasses with "cartridges" Horemhebhave been found in the Palacio real). Defeated the rebellious Ar-Khalba, was displaced from the throne by the Hittite King, who enthroned in that city to Niqmepa, brother of Ar - Khalba. This succession was not any confrontation between both brothers, as it is inferred from an edict that published the dethroned King, which was also collected the name of his wife, called Kubaba, daughter of Takan, and which was found in the central archives of Ugarit.