Biography of Ibn o Abenarabi Arabi (1164-1240)

Spanish philosopher, born in Murcia in 1164, and died in Damascus in 1240. When he/she was still very young he/she moved to Seville, and from there, after a few years, traveled to Africa and lived in different parts of the North of this continent and the Middle East, where, reported to have lived many mystical experiences.

While Aristotle was the Greek philosopher of greater influence in Arab thinking, Abenarabi philosophy draws on sources of Neoplatonism, and was also influenced by other Muslims as Abenhazam and Abenalarif authors, the latter attached to Sufism. In fact, Abenarabi was the first Muslim philosopher who held a formalization of this mystical religious movement whose main theoretical basis was the Quran. His theory is completely pure character of God as being unique and Supreme, which rule out any possible analogy between the creator and the created. In this way, the knowledge of God is impossible, although Abenarabi does not reject the possibility of a progressive mystical ascension that will allow your sight (a thing is the way of knowledge, and the other of lighting). Indeed, God, as absolute reality, manifested at various levels in all things that exist; the sufi path proposes a method that allows to interpret these manifestations to progressively approaching the intimate knowledge of God.

From an ontological point of view, Abenarabi distinguished between what he/she called being absolute, not to be all or nothing, and being an intermediary, which is located between the first two. The latter is identified with the Kingdom of the possibility of being; nothing is, on the one hand is it (it is not), so another, and finally what can be. Is also important in his thought the so-called doctrine of love; According to this, love can be articulated in a series of degrees ranging from mere sympathy to the pure love of the person as a person, regardless of the circumstances. Precisely, this theory is related to which explains the creation of beings by the Supreme, being according to Abenarabi created production is superabundant divine love as a result.

Abenarabi was a very prolific author, to whom are attributed more than four hundred works. In them he/she dealt with philosophy, theology, mysticism, asceticism, poetry and some other issues. Notable for its importance as follows: Book of revelations of Mecca, book commentary on the Pearl of wisdom, the descent of the stars book, divine book of politics, the gift book of the mystical journey, epistle of the lights, the limited precept, book lovers treasure Epistle.