Biography of Emilio Aragón (1959-VVVV)

Emilio Aragón.

Actor, comedian, presenter and Spanish television producer, born in Havana (Cuba) on April 16, 1959, whose full name is Emilio Tomás Aragón Álvarez.

Member of a family with artistic tradition, is leading the profession in the genes; with him are six generations which have been uploaded on a stage. His professional debut was with his uncles and father, the Group of "Gaby, Fofó and Miliki" clowns in the Argentine television.

After the rise to power of Fidel Castro, the family left Cuba and began a nomadic life by several Latin American countries, until in 1973 he/she returned to Spain, where Emilio finished his studies and enrolled at the Conservatory of music of Madrid. Made the decision to separate family group to go their own way as a humorist, left the "Milikito" with which had been known up to then and became Emilio Aragón.

Versatile man - comedian, singer, musician, actor, record producer and composer - its activity has diversified into multiple fields. After her television debut in 1982, a year later made, also in this environment, the series or live or live, which got a nomination for the Emmy Awards, and for which he/she received an accusation of plagiarism. In 1984 he/she produced and directed the musical Barnum, which toured throughout Spain and obtained a great success of critics and the public. In 1985 he/she presented the OTI Festival and the following year was in charge of the arrangements, vocals and production of two cartoon series for television, star wars and the Ewoks, activity combined with a radio program, spark and smoke.

He then joined the Andalusian television, as a presenter of the competition ball serve in Canal Sur, where jumped to the private channel Tele-5 to make the Vip, Vip night (the emission of Saturdays) programs and Vip Guay (child). That same year, published in 1991, the disk you smell your feet. In 1992, ended the contract with Tele-5, he/she went to the private antenna 3, for evening, night and the great game of the goose, a program contest that strengthens him as one of the most important figures of Spanish television. In 1995 he/she returned to Tele-5, now as an actor, in the sitcom family physician; a real television phenomenon that broke all audience records for four years. During this stage conceived, with his father, the idea of resurrecting the romantic circus with the circus of art.

The 'Wizard' of television ended up becoming success all his projects and from the production company Globe Media and group tree, next to a small group of partners was one of the largest Spanish companies of the audiovisual industry, leisure and entertainment. From the Presidency of this holding company has managed its products to conquer more than 100 millions of viewers in Europe and America.

After a long period as an actor protagonist of the family doctor series, he/she abandoned the screen to music, another of its great vocations. For three years he/she received conducting classes in United States. It also decided to embrace the patronage and solidarity projects through the NGO tree Foundation, of which he/she is President. He/She returned to the small screen in 2002 to star in a new television series, Javier no longer lives only.

In May 2004 he/she received a double degree of honor at Suffolk University, Boston, after finishing studies in history at the University. On the other hand, at the end of that same year he/she presented a new album entitled the steadfast Tin soldier, an album of symphonic tales that includes, among others, the only child account of the Nobel Prize in literature José Saramago , entitled "The world's largest flower". This work involved, among others, Alejandro Sanz, Ana Duato and Julia Gutiérrez Caba.

In 2005, and among many other projects, he/she put music to a choreography based on the snow white by the brothers Grimm to be danced by Tamara Rojo. The ballet was premiered in Bilbao in November 2005 with great public success.

In 2006, he/she combines his position as President of the production company Globomedia (which he/she founded in 1993, along with Daniel Écija) holding the office of President of the sixth string.

In 2009, wheel, as director, film paper bird whose protagonists are Imanol Arias and Lluis Homar. The film premiered on March 12, 2010.