Biography of Ildefonso de Aragón y Abollado (1760-?)

Spanish engineer. It was born in Andalusia for the years from 1760. He/She received the office of Assistant Engineers in 1782. As sergeant major of Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel graduated, he/she embarked in March 1803. Since his arrival in the Philippines he/she was commandant of the weapon. It amounted to Colonel in 1814. He/She spent in Philippines more than twenty years. It belonged to the Real Sociedad Económica de Manila since its re-founding in 1820. He/She created topographic deposit of Manila. He/She wrote numerous works of civil engineering, as well as topographical surveys of the Islands. His writings include: geographical and topographical description of the island of Luzon or new Castile with the specific of the sixteen provinces or parties comprising, Manila: Imprenta de M. Memije, 1821, and parties of the North and South in the Luzon Ysla Ylocos, Manila: Imprenta de M. Memije, 1821