Biography of Isaac Ben Moses Arama (1420-1494)

Thinker and Jewish preacher born in Zamora. He/She was called as Rabbi to Calatayud, where he/she wrote most of his works. Anti-aristotelista was featured. For him, religious truth is above philosophy, and this has major limitations, since it can only lead to the God of nature. It criticizes Maimonides and refuses to build faith in the way of intellect as he/she proposes. Philosophy does not reach, in his opinion, the mystery of the ultimate or supreme happiness. In 1492, he/she went into exile to Naples, just as Isaac Abravanel, with whom he/she shared many approaches.

In Aqedat Yishaq ('the sacrifice of Isaac'), brought together a collection of sermons in which he/she intersperses philosophical ideas and allegorical commentary to the Pentateuch. He/She wrote also other writings on philosophy, Bible commentaries and poems.


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