Biography of Sabino Arana y Goiri (1865-1903)

Writer, politician and Spanish philologist, great theorist and diffuser of Basque nationalism. He/She was born in Abando (Bilbao) on January 26, 1865 and died in Pedernales (Vizcaya) in 1903. He/She was educated in the Carlist your home environment, as his father, Santiago spider, was with fervor; in 1883 he/she moved to Barcelona (1883-1888) to study medicine and there, under the influence of his brother (seems that, to a lesser extent, by the booming catalan regionalism) was born his nationalist consciousness. He/She learned the Basque language, which was, through the study and even opositar to a chair which the Diputación de Vizcaya was at the Instituto de Bilbao (the square was for resurrection María de Azcue, who defeated none other than Unamuno and spider); However, almost all of his work was written in the only language that dominated: Spanish. On May 24, 1894 created the recreational society Euzkaldun Batzokiya, first organization of nationalist sign vascongada, promoted by Sabino Arana Goiri; This gave the new company with a regulation of 110 articles under the banner of Jaun-Goikua eta Lege Zarrak ("God and old law or fueros") and sought out flag, anthem, and even new name for their homeland: Euzkadi. It is from the beginning, therefore, denominational organization whose objective was the restoration of the traditional legal order of Vizcaya. From these years date first written Etiomologías Eusquéricas, sheets euskerofilos or the elementary grammar of the Biscay Basque. In 1892, published its independence, Bizkaia story that he/she dedicated to his brother Luis on four battles held by the inhabitants against the Kings of Castilla y León, which the foundations for Basque independence in medieval times. In the following two years he/she began a work of organization and propaganda.

The first issue of Biscay, monthly from January 1894 newsletter appeared in June 1893. On July 31, 1895 was founded in Bilbao the Bizkai-Buru-Batzar, a higher Council to address the issues of Basque nationalism, with which Sabino Arana tried to initiate the political organization of Basque nationalism. On September 4, 1901 the civilian Government of Pamplona made public a circular which reminded teachers that education should be delivered in Spanish in all national territory. In many places of Navarre and the Basque provinces, began to use the Basque in schools, especially since the debate on Basque nationalism, whose most prominent theoretician was Sabino Arana. This fixed the position of his party, which was already nationalist Basque party (PNV), in a statement made in La Gaceta del Norte (1902). Its objective was to achieve autonomy, the more radical as possible, within the unity of the Spanish State, and more adapted to the Basque character and modern needs yet. He/She was imprisoned for congratulations with a telegram Roosevelt, President of the United States, by the disaster of Spain in Cuba; for that reason, he/she again went to prison Larrinaga. His works include the Biscay Basque spelling lessons and the origins of the race of Basque, included in his complete works (published in Buenos Aires, 1965).