Biography of Ernesto Arancibia (1904-1963)

Director of Argentine cinema, which dealt mainly with romantic themes. His films, of correct invoice and impeccable Assembly, was characterized for being strict in adaptations.

He died in a tragic car accident the night of the premiere of his latest film, fifth national year, along with several of the young performers of this, when he/she was returning to Buenos Aires from the city of La Plata.


1942: Her first dance (Waltz of the dream). 1943: Dollhouse and banishment of amor.1944: Lauracha.1947: musical Romance and look at the lilies of the campo.1948: María de los Ángeles and the great tentacion.1950: Romance in three noches.1951: Orchid and the pecado.1953 Street: women of the camelias.1954: birds of Crystal and desnuda.1956 women: the rogue sonadora.1958:... and after the cuple.1959: Three hostesses with permiso.1961: the novia.1962: fifth national year.