Biography of Arturo Araujo (1878-1967)

Engineer and Salvadoran politician, President of the Republic of El Salvador in 1931, born the year 1878 in Suchitoto (province of Cuzcatlán) and died the year 1967 in the capital of the country, El Salvador.

The large number of candidates presented to the election from the beginning of the year 1931, the first that were held within the framework of an absolute honesty and democratic cleaning, made no candidate obtained an absolute majority, which took Araujo to get elected with the support of the powerful reactionary oligarchies of the country and an endless proposed populist and demagogic thanOnce acclaimed President, he hurried on failure to comply. Following the disappointment suffered by the masses, a series of very serious incidents which culminated in a bloody massacre of more than 24,000 men (revolt of Izalco), Salvadoran officials said broke out throughout the country.

In the month of December of the same year the general Maximiliano Hernández Martínez promoted a coup that ended the short-lived Government of Arturo Araujo and inaugurated a dictatorial regime more tight and hard if it's possible that the de Araújo, which remained until the year 1944, with the consequent increase of the country's political, economic and social instability. Arturo Araujo lived in the country until his death in 1967 in El Salvador.


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Carlos Herraiz García.