Biography of Denys Arcand (1941-VVVV)

Director and Canadian screenwriter born on 25 June 1941 in Deschambault (Quebec. Canada).


Studied history at the University of Montreal and film directing at the Centre National du Canada Film. After making some short films he/she debuted in feature films with the maudite Galette and Rejeane Padovani direction, both written in collaboration with his old schoolmate Jacques W. Benoit that performed various duties as editor, director of photography and even actor. In Gina has her brother Gabriel as the protagonist. From 1976 he/she makes some very controversial documentaries: On est au coton, a colossal x-ray - almost three hours - the Canadian textile industry and Le comfort et l'indiference (1982) on the referendum for the independence of Quebec from May 1980 in which combines images of file with quotations from Machiavelli.

In 1984 he/she made the work that throws it at the international level and which is undoubtedly his best film, the decline of the American Empire. It is a virulent satire on the intellectual bourgeoisie Canadian through the emotional behaviors and, especially, sexual of a group of friends. The film opens around the world and obtained a large number of awards at international festivals, nine awards of the Canadian industry of the cinema, the Genie, and a nomination to the Hollywood Oscar to the best foreign language film. The success of the film places it in the world cinema scene but prevented from return to roll up to last four years, after which performs Jesús of Montreal. Set in the representation of the passion of Christ during Holy week by a group of actors, which fails to repeat neither success nor the scandal involving its previous work. In 1992 he/she played a small role in the extraordinary Léolo of Jean Claude Lauzon and participates in the collective film Montréal vu par... along with the flower and the Canadian film cream - Patricia Rozema, Atom Egoyan, Michel Brault and Lea Pool-. The true nature of love nor achieved the acceptance by public and critics, and will keep away from the big screen for a few years.


1971: The cursed Galette.1972: Rejeanne Padovani.1974: Gina.1976: On est au coton.1982: Le comfort et l'indiference. 1984: Le crime d'Ovide Plouffe.1985: the decline of the Empire americano.1989: Montreal.1992 Jesús: Montréal vu par... 1994: the true nature of the amor.1996: Joyeux Calvaire. 2000: Stardom. 2003: The barbarian invasions. 2007: L' âge des ténèbres.